What are the best credit cards in the UAE and their benefits?

Best Credit Cards in the UAE | ADCB

Over the years, credit cards have become a popular means of payment and a compelling need for the mass. As a banking instrument, the credit card not only fulfils your daily transaction needs but also helps to upgrade your lifestyle. Besides, it assists you in enhancing your credit scores, thus making budgeting easier. You can use the financial tool for your monetary needs and pay the entire amount within a specific time. Rest assured! You won’t ever run into debts or require paying penalty interest. The top Emirati banks offer varieties of the best credit card in UAE. Contact them immediately to gather in-depth knowledge about the benefits their credit cards provide.

Credit Cards: Advantages of using them!

Once you apply for a credit card online, you will get numerous attractive offers, deals and discounts. Here is how using the banking tool can become beneficial: 

  • Several Options: You will get different options while selecting a credit card. The leading financial institutions offer various categories of credit cards, from cash back and signature cards to travel and titanium credit cards. So, go ahead and choose the one that fits your lifestyle needs.
  • Going Cashless: With credit cards, you need not carry cash in bulk wherever you go. Swipe the card in the machine and make the payment. That’s it! Nowadays, credit cards also come with a contactless feature that facilitates faster payments.
  • Resolving Crisis: The best credit card in UAE is an excellent means to solve the imminent crisis. If you are facing a cash crunch, you can readily opt for this credit instrument to meet your necessities. 
  • Building Credit: The more you purchase using a credit card and pay off the amount within the correct time, the more your credit score will increase. Your good records will make you eligible to take loans for a home, car etc.

ADCB Credit Cards: What are their types?

As one of the leading banks in the UAE, the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank offers a wide range of credit cards to their customers, including citizens and expats. The following are some of them:

  • ADCB Infinite Credit Card: A premium quality card that allows a welcome bonus of up to 50000 reward points alongside other benefits like the free beach and pool access, 25% discount on dining and spa etc.
  • 365 Cash Back Credit Card: With this card, you can avail of cash back offers on facilities like dining, groceries, fuels, cinema tickets and many more.
  • Traveller Credit Card: At an annual fee of AED 1050, this card enables the travellers to enjoy a luxurious vacation at a low cost. 
  • Betaqti Credit Card: Exclusively made for the Emiratis, this metal and laser-etched card guarantees multiple travel and lifestyle benefits. This includes buy-one-get-one-free cinema tickets, complimentary access to all clubs and gyms in UAE and many more.


Credit cards from renowned banks in UAE ensure a rewarding experience. Visit their website, explore the vast collection of banking instruments, and then apply for an ADCB credit card online.

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