What Makes Marquise Cut Engagement Rings Extraordinary?

23 Marquise Engagement Rings That Prove the Style Is Totally Back

Engagement rings come in many shapes, forms and settings. The most common shapes used for engagement rings are round ones or square while one of the most rarely used is the marquise diamond. If you are looking for a unique shape for your engagement ring to surprise your partner then marquise cut engagement rings will be a perfect option.


Way back in the 18th century King Louis XV of France had a ring made for her mistress that is the same as the shape of her lips and this is where marquise shape was known. Marquise was named to the shape which means a rank just  below duke. It is also referred to as Navette which means small ship because of its boat appearance.


What Makes Marquise Diamond Ring Extraordinary?

They are not Commonly Used for Engagement Ring

Marquise diamond rings can be a good choice if your partner loves something not common. Other shapes of diamond have been popularly used as center stone for engagement rings such as round ones. Using a unique shape as your center stone  makes your engagement ring more unique.

They are Appealing When Worn

Most women love it when they are complimented with a slim finger. The marquise cut engagement rings can make the finger of the wear look thinner. With this feature your partner will be more impressed by the engagement ring you give her. Women are very conspicuous when it comes to how they look including their clothes, shoes, bags and jewelries they wear. Once you give her the marquise engagement ring, she will surely feel special because she has something that not everyone can have. It will also match any of her fashion statements.

Prices are More Affordable

Compared with buying round diamonds , marquise cuts are less expensive than round ones.Only skills cutter can be able to cut marquise diamonds in its perfect shape. Prices are more affordable since they have flaws when cutting it in this shape which is called the bow effect. During cutting, it can cause the diamond to have light leakage,  meaning it can’t maximize reflection of light so the diamond appears darker.  However, sparks are not what always matter for some women so this issue is just fine.


4C’s of Marquise Cut Diamond Rings


When it comes to diamond cut for marquise shape length  and width ratio should be considered. Making it symmetrical can aid in getting the perfect cut marquise diamond. Consult your skilled cutter for this concern to be able to get the details necessary when having a marquise cut diamond. They know better than anyone.


S1 or S2 is recommended for marquise cut diamond since inclusions are not that obvious to the naked eye. Ask for a detailed appearance of your diamond and your jewelry can provide tools for you to check on this. However, if you are observant enough you can also check on them by simply looking at the appearance. Blemishes can also be hidden when rings are already set using prongs.


For the color of marquise diamond cut G or H is recommended since they appear colorless to the naked eye. Since colorless diamonds can reflect more light this can aid in making the diamond appear brighter despite the bow effect.


The carat of the marquise cut diamond will depend on how many carats will you want your center stone to be. Your jeweler can help you choose between 0.5 carats and above.


Checking on the 4cs of your marquise diamond engagement ring is important to be able to get the best center stone. Get your money’s worth by being wise enough to find a skilled jeweler you can trust to scrutinize your diamond and have all the necessary conditions be checked before finalizing the making of your engagement rings. Another tip for buying diamonds will be checking on the certifications issued to jewelry shops so you will know if their diamonds are high class and certified authentic. A certification will also be issued to you once you purchase a diamond engagement ring.


Choosing a unique engagement ring can be tough but with marquise cut engagement rings you will never go wrong, the shape alone is enough to make it extraordinary.