Lift gate Service: What Is It, And Why Do You Need It?

What is a lift gate service and why is it important to know if you need it?  - Frc Logistics Inc - Trucking Rates & Freight Quotes

In shipment services, there are several ways that logistic companies make it possible for a parcel to be delivered no matter how heavy or big it is. Especially in this season, almost everything is transported via delivery because of restrictions in every part of the world. Lift gate delivery services by Sure Logix LLC can give a solution  if you want to transport something that is beyond the weight requirement. To help you more, let’s discuss Lift gate Service: What Is It, and why do you need it?

What is Lift gate Service?

This service is also called tail lift. A tail lift is attached to a truck for the purpose of carrying parcels. An electronic switch is usually used to control the movement of the tail lift.  

When Is a Lift Gate Needed?

There are several reasons why lift gates are used and here are some of them:

No Access to the Loading Dock

If the cargo is above 150 pounds per loading, a lift gate can be helpful. In loading cargo and access to the loading dock is available, it will be a struggle to get the load to be loaded. This will make the job easier and more convenient.

Used In Construction Sites

Construction sites don’t usually have shipping docks and deliveries are too heavy. Since most materials and equipment are large and weigh a ton or more. In these situations, lift gates are very helpful and a proper way to deliver such cargo. 

For Residential Deliveries 

Anything is sold online, including equipment or home building materials plus a lot of deliveries per day within the United States alone.So this means that trucks are not enough to make the deliveries happen. Delivery of bulky  and  heavy materials will be inconvenient if tail gaits are not used. Lifting heavy materials will not be easy for delivery   even with assistants. 

Advantages of Lift gate Services

Prevents Injury

Lifting and moving heavy cargo can cause accidents if not done properly or if the weight of the cargo   is balanced. This type of incident can cause physical damage to delivery persons or event receivers as well as financial damage on the side of the business owners. Using a lift gate can be safer and will do the job with fewer possibilities of getting into accidents or damaging the cargo. Why take the rest if there is a much safer way to do it. 

Prevent Damages 

Each parcel values a lot to each receiver, that’s why the whole logistic process is monitored to make sure that it reaches the end user’s safety. Improper handling can be the main cause of damage to the cargo. When this happens, tracking services will be responsible for paying the damages, and it is a loss for them. However, by using proper equipment, these situations can be avoided. Lift gates can be ideal for transporting fragile cargo. 

Lesser Manpower

When delivering goods that are heavy, at least two  or more men are required to carry the parcel. However, with lift gate services, less manpower is needed since the tailgate will do the job. Carrying heavy things is easier with a lift gate rather than doing it manually. Lesser manpower would be advantageous for freight companies. 

How Much Does a Lift Gate Service Cost?

Lift gate service from $80 up to $500. This depends on the location, the weight of the cargo and the carrier who will be providing the service. Some may have a minimum and a maximum charge while some may charge per pound. 

Now that you have knowledge of lift gate service: what is it, and why do you need it? You can now avail of the services  if you have deliveries that need this type of service. This can cost you more but will ensure the safety of your package and your convenience. In our situation now, having stuff delivered to your home has become part of the new normal routine. Big thanks to freight companies who made it possible for anything to be delivered to our doorstep, not only for our convenience but also for our safety. As customers, let’s continue to patronize their service and save our time and energy by simply waiting for our goods to reach our homes, instead of getting exposed to risk.