Getting a Clear Understanding of Dedicated Server Hosting Solutions

Cheap dedicated server hosting is a setting where the server and its resources are not shared by the other websites. The users of dedicated server hosting solutions have complete control on the resources of the server. UK dedicated server hosting providers generally provide users with the ability of selecting the software programs they would like to install on their dedicated servers. Nevertheless, it is important to note that dedicated server hosting tends to be more expensive in comparison to the other hosting solutions available in the market. Maintaining such servers can be a major challenge for the website owners.

UK Dedicated Server Hosting- One Step Ahead

UK dedicated server hosting is dependent on the complete usage of the dedicated server. This includes the database and operating system of the choice of the users. Users of these servers get the flexibility of customizing the servers as per their requirements. Some of the most important reasons why more and more website owners go for cheap dedicated server hosting are as follows:

  • There are no hidden charges that the users need to pay when going for dedicated server hosting solutions. This comes as one of the most important advantages of this kind of server hosting solution. The costing remains clear to the users and there are absolutely no uncertainties.
  • When it comes to UK dedicated server hosting, users have the option of choosing both Linux and Windows operating systems. The choice of the users will completely depend on the type of applications they have chosen to run on their dedicated servers. Hosting providers like Onlive Server do not only provide the choice of operating systems but even the amount of bandwidth, RAM, memory and CPU required by the intended users.
  • Lot of storage is also available to the users going for dedicated server hosting. This type of hosting offers abundant storage while also giving users the flexibility of adding hard drives without any increase in price.
  • One of the most important factors governing the search engine optimization scenario of a website is download time and speed. The performance of a site can easily be managed by the users going for UK dedicated server hosting. Configuring a cheap dedicated server with CDN network for speeding up page download for the visitors is quite easy.

How are Dedicated Servers Beneficial for Companies?

Dedicated server hosting solutions can be beneficial for companies in a number of ways. We will have a look at these ways below:

Complete Reliability

The users of a cheap dedicated server have the flexibility of using the bandwidth offered by the server as per their requirements because there is no other site sharing the server resources. Dedicated servers thus have the potential of providing reliable solutions to websites that witness a huge amount of traffic on a regular basis.


Flexibility is offered by a cheap dedicated server in the sense that the users get the freedom of managing the server configurations and other tasks themselves. There are absolutely no disturbances or interferences that can distort site performance.


UK dedicated server hosting offers a level of complete security mainly because there are no other websites having access to the hosting server except the site that has bought the dedicated server hosting solutions.

Perfect Performance

Dedicated server hosting does not only offer reliability but even improves the performance of a site. Take for instance, if any user has plans of uploading pictures in high resolution or even video clips with high bandwidth requirements, they can do so on their dedicated server hosted sites very easily and without taking a lot of time as well. Page loading issues are completely at bay when you are going for cheap dedicated server hosting solutions.

Cost-Effective for Companies

Companies require constant management for expanding capital that can be used for acquiring equipment or for building IT infrastructure. Dedicated server hosting providers like Onlive Server offer mission-critical resources at fixed rates that need to be paid on a monthly basis. Therefore, it is widely considered that dedicated server hosting solutions can be highly cost-effective for businesses.

Servers are Optimized as per the Requirements of a Business

Another great thing about cheap dedicated server hosting solutions is that the providers with good reputation in the market custom-configure the servers and even network optimize them as per the requirements of a business.

Safe and Secure from Virus Attacks

Dedicated servers are not just secure in the sense that they keep data security intact but they are also secure from viruses and other attacks. Top quality hosting providers in this category bind infrastructure and environment in several covers of biometric access and physical security controls for safeguarding the servers from all kinds of attacks.

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Common Questions Asked About Dedicated Server Hosting Solutions Are As Follows:

How to make the choice of the best dedicated server hosting provider?

Carrying out a thorough and detailed research of the different hosting providers operating at present can help in finding the right dedicated server hosting provider.

Is dedicated server hosting expensive?

It might be expensive for small sites that do not witness a lot of traffic. But it might be cost-efficient for large sites experiencing a lot of traffic on a regular basis.

What are the features to look out for in dedicated servers?

Complete security, scalability and flexibility are the features you must look out for.

Are all hosting providers the same?

No, you must choose hosting providers carefully because some might not be genuine in this category.

Is it beneficial to go for dedicated server hosting solutions?

It can prove to be beneficial only if you have a big website that witnesses a lot of traffic. This will help you in using the server resources fruitfully.