Get Paid as a Travel Nurse in Arkansas

The 6 Best Travel Nursing Agencies of 2021

Travel nursing jobs have been in demand even before the pandemic started. More and more nurses are grabbing the opportunity to advance their careers as well as travel around the world. Choosing places to get assigned to is also one of the advantages of being a travel nurse, you can say yes and you can say no, especially if you are working under a travel nurse agency. There are more opportunities and privileges. How about checking to get paid as a travel nurse in Arkansas and know more about travel nurse salary in Arkansas. Arkansas might be one of the places you would want to visit. 

Travel Nurses in Arkansas in 2021

There are several steps and procedures to be done before finally becoming a travel nurse. 

Getting Qualified 

Whether a nurse plans to directly apply to a medical facility or work under a travel nurse agency. A nurse should be able to have the requirements needed in becoming a travel nurse. Here are the basic requirements of a travel nurse:

  • Licenses

One should be a registered nurse before one can apply as a travel nurse. Plus they should be able to get state licenses. For your licensing concern, you can ask assistance from your travel nurse agencies and they can help you acquire the necessary documents for your licenses. 

  • Experience

Most medical facilities require at least 2 years of experience. Travel nurses are needed immediately upon assignment which means they have to know what they are doing once they are boarded on work. That’s why experience is a must and also advantageous if one wants to become a travel nurse.

Getting Assignments

Once you have completed all the requirements and qualifications your travel nurse agency will be giving you an assignment. You can decline assignments you are not comfortable with but if you wish to explore, getting all the opportunities will also be a good idea. Every place has its own rate for travel nurses. You can ask for an assignment that pays the highest. In Arkansas for instance there are areas where pay is higher, so you can ask to be assigned there. 

Enjoying Work and Pleasure

The good thing about being a travel nurse is that you can broaden your career as well as explore different places. Arkansas showcases almost everything including sports, culture, history, arts, and urban outdoor adventures. You can have time to go around during your off or before leaving your destination have a tour of Arkansas and see its beauty. 

How Do Travel Nurses Earn?

As a travel nurse, you can earn more by following some tips. You can literally earn from your salary since the salaries of travel nurses are higher than regular nurses. An average of $1,963 a week can be earned by a travel nurse in Arkansas. There are also other factors that can affect the payment such as:


Specialization and experience can give you a bigger pay if you will work as a travel nurse. Earning more certificates can also be useful in getting a high-paying travel nursing job. Grab all the opportunities that you are given so you can earn enough experience and be more knowledgeable in different fields. You will never know what offer you can get as you are assigned to different places. 

Be Organized 

Plan your schedule. Travel nurses can take as many breaks as they can and choose the assignments. However, if you want to earn more, you can set a date where you can take a break then maximize most of your months getting assignments.

Choose a Good Travel Nurse Agency

Choose a travel nurse agency that is transparent enough to discuss with you the pay you can get. In this way, you can be able to plan your finances ahead. Plus choosing a reputable agency can be a wise idea since they get most of the jobs from medical facilities. Their reputation can be advantageous on your part since they trust the agency well and they know they can deliver highly qualified nurses.

So what are you waiting for? Get paid as a travel nurse in Arkansas and enjoy your day off by going around places you have never been to. Expand your career as well as explore the world by becoming a travel nurse.