Best tools to send out mass cold emails

You’re struggling for cold email marketing and I have the best tools to overcome it which can help you to make more easy and quick reach. Many are saying these spam emails and some of them are not clueless of the cold mail and the usage.

Let me explain some of the things which can help you to grow your business by cold mail and convey to the unknown person and make them as your business customers.

What are cold emails?

A cold email is created voluntarily and sent to the recipient without reason Contact. It can also be defined as an email with builders brisbane the number of cold messages and which is not spam.

The quickest way to reach your sales goals, increase your sales flow and shorten your sales cycle is to call the cold email.

The benefits of the cold emails

These are all reasonable questions that suppliers should ask when trying to achieve certain management perspectives that are unresponsive. Yes, telemarketing, networking, and marketing help generate leads for sales teams. But what if none of these steps generate a request from a prospect that you want to sell?

Cold emails reach users where they spend most of their time in their inboxes. For many, the inbox is the focus of their day.

Cold emails are obstinately in a course of action in spite of difficulty and are easily able to be measured or graded according to a scale and trying mass cold emails can increase your lead process too.

Tools for Cold email

  1. Send grid
  2. Sales handy
  3. Mail shake
  4. Prospect

Send grid: 

Send grid is also one of the best resulted and automated emails tracking and the best one for the email campaign which helps to check the bounced emails too and can be easily ratified. Every useful analysing method.

The pricing of the send grid is Free for Send 40,000 emails for 30 days, then 100/day forever. An important plan that can get your business up to $ 14.95 / month. If you call up a professional plan where you can take care of your shipment and maximize your email delivery, the final plan is the most important one. You can extend the email program with special care and which is also very useful for the mass cold emails process.

Sales handy:

If you put so much effort into writing and communicating in cold emails, expect them to be delivered effectively and the results tracked. Sales Handy does this for you. It helps you track and. An e-mail calendar, automatic tracking and an e-mail sequence function are available to make your task even easier.

This gives your managers more time to work on deals because they spend less time evaluating the most engaged contacts in your cold email campaign. Your basic plan starts at $ 7 a month (with annual payments) and offers a free trial for 14 days.

Mail shakes:

Here’s a great platform to “shake up” your cold email campaigns a little. It is a content marketing tool that you can use to contact potential customers via email.

Like other tools mail shakes allows you to send the cold mails through your Google address and then everything on the tools is automatic so, it is easy to track and the set-up of the information is easier.

The price of the basic plan is $ 29 a month and $ 49 for the professional.

If you are not satisfied with the product within the first 30 days, you can get your money back. So it’s definitely worth trying.

Prospect: (as the name suggests) enables you to find and contact your ideal prospects online in a single tool. This carrot-related software offers a practical browser extension that you can transfer to any professional website or LinkedIn profile. And automatically place your new prospect’s email address and other information in the personal and automated email campaign.

The price starts at $ 99 / month for an account with 1000 credits.

While there is no free trial, Prospect offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, which permanently relieves the pressure when choosing your new overseas sales tool.

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Some Tips to Increase your cold emails to success

Here are some of the Steps to increase and make a quality to your cold email and email marketing to succeed.

  • Never send an attachment with your email. Interested parties who do not know that they are not opening a file and are at risk of a virus.
  • When you send an email, send it from a named person, not a company, and always include your company name, website URL, phone number, and the name in the signature on the email.
  • When sending an unsolicited email, keep it short: less than four paragraphs.
  • When sending an email, always use bullets and numbers on the body.
  • In your email, always describe how your offer can increase sales, reduce costs or control the risks for potential customers.
  • Always mention other customers in your request email so that your potential customers see their value through the eyes of their customers.
  • Always add an action step for the potential customer or an action you want to take.
  • Pay special attention to the subject of your email: it must be less than 40 characters long or mention something that will fascinate your potential customers.


I hope the above information will be very useful for your mass cold email campaign and email marketing to make your business to the next level.

Email does not become and just that is a rumour. Now the information of the business purpose can be proposed only through the email and where you can make it has a professional manner.

Where you can produce the leads with the help of mass cold emails and try the following tips and reach your successes.

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